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Eliminate Barriers with
Cultural Precision

Spanish and Portuguese Translation

Reach more customers and create a stronger connection in the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world.

Essence Translations connects you with a team of passionate, highly specialized translators who go above and beyond to polish every detail.

The Human Factor

At Essence Translations, we believe in the power of words – and, above all, in the people who write or read them.

We’re the kind of people who take the time to ask about your family, meet up for coffee when our paths cross, and send cards on your birthday. You deserve to be seen and supported with a friendly, dedicated partner. We bring a more human approach to business.

The Essence of Language

Adapting language for global audiences requires finesse, precision, and localized insight. Our Spanish and Portuguese translators are all native speakers, and we have built an interconnected, remote team that spans the globe.

We infuse the flavor and essence of language into our work for crystal-clear translations that cross cultural and linguistic barriers.

Cultural and Country-Specific Translations

Our team offers English – Spanish translation for all markets, including:

  • Latin American Spanish

  • US Spanish

  • Neutral Spanish

  • European Spanish

Plus, we can also help you break into Brazilian and Portuguese markets with English – Portuguese translation.

Cutting-Edge Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools

Cutting-Edge Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools

Rigorous Quality Assurance with a Human Touch

Rigorous Quality Assurance with a Human Touch

Translating, Editing & Proofreading by Native Speakers

Translating, Editing & Proofreading by Native Speakers

Niche Expertise

Our Spanish translation services cover a wide variety of industries, but medical translation and scientific translation are two of our specialties. Our team excels with healthcare translations for the life science industry, and we’re passionate about making high-quality medical writing more accessible for Spanish and Portuguese-speaking audiences.

We offer translation services for:

  • Pharmaceutical and biotech

  • Health insurance

  • Health and wellness

  • Medical devices

  • Government health agencies

  • Information technology

  • Advertising and marketing

  • Tourism and travel

  • Business and finance

  • Technical writing

  • And more

Our Memberships and Certifications

You are in Good Hands

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Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM (EST), and we’ll get back to you within an hour or two. Request a quote, ask a question, or introduce yourself to one of our incredible project managers.