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Maite Hormazabal Earns ATC Commendation for 
Translator of the Year

December 2022

Human translation crosses barriers and brings the world together. Essence Translations is proudly based in Argentina, and our interconnected team spans the globe. We hire and train linguistic experts based on potential, not proximity; the same is true for our professional organizations and memberships.

ATC Awards 2022

ATC Language Industry Awards

Essence Translations is a proud member of the UK’s Association of Translation Companies. Previously, our agency has won two awards last year: ATC New Member of the Year and ATC Project Manager of the Year Commendation.

Capping off a strong year of growth and synergy, we are delighted to announce another ATC commendation! The ATC judging panel awarded second-place commendation to Maite Hormazabal for Translator of the Year.

Maite Hormazabal – Our Award-Nominated Translator

Maite Hormazabal – Our Award-Nominated Translator

Maite is one of those people who genuinely value and understand the true purpose of language: connection. When she joined the Essence Translations team, Maite immediately took initiative to bridge communication gaps and uplift team members.

In her own words, she believes, “prompt and straightforward communication with colleagues is essential, especially during the early stages.” Whether Maite is onboarding project details, completing early translation drafts, or proofreading and reviewing finished work, she is always cognizant of how her role fits in with others.

More than Just a Team Player

In order to be a good fit at Essence Translations, you must work well with others. That’s enough, right? Not quite! Maite’s compassion and thoughtfulness raise the bar with even higher expectations.

Essence Translations works with many freelance translators, and we rely on their enthusiasm, fresh perspective, and local expertise. This remote model has been very successful for us, but it can be difficult to help everyone feel united as part of a team. Our agency’s sense of identity and cultural belonging are crucial.

Maite is always purposeful about building that company culture and accountability. Every translator knows that they can rely on her, and that we’ll rely on them.

Maite Hormazabal – ATC Award-Nominated Translator

Exceptional Translations and Training

What has been Maite’s biggest accomplishment this year? She developed a complete set of training materials for our freelance colleagues. The ready-to-use resource includes common linguistic mistakes, editing strategies, CAT tool workarounds, troubleshooting, and more.

We’re all in the same boat, working toward the same goal; Maite’s diligent work and collaborative focus makes it possible for English, Spanish, and beyond. The entire Essence Translations team is so proud of her accomplishment, and we’re inspired to achieve even more!