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ATC Language Awards 2021

December 2021

Essence Wins New Member of the Year at ATC Language Industry Awards

Winner ATC New Member of the Year

Essence Translations is a proud member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC). Our team is inspired by the association’s mission to define standards of excellence. In 2021, we put this commitment into action and were rewarded with an incredible prize.

Our agency won the ATC’s New Member of the Year Award at the 2021 Language Industry Awards!

The judging committee noted:

“A fantastic 2021 for Essence Translations with 30% growth. Over the pandemic, a new life sciences unit has brought new business, backed by the implementation of a rigorous quality assurance process. Essence Translations has also raised their profile in the industry through active participation in industry events and volunteering for Translated in Argentina.”

Cecilia Poratti

Our founder and CEO, Cecilia Poratti, has been a vibrant leader and frequent volunteer with Translated in Argentina (TINA) – a non-profit association of language service companies. Cecilia is passionate about developing the Argentinian industry and building valuable partnerships with clients and other translation companies across Latin America.

So, how did our translation agency win the top prize at a UK-based language association? It all started with the dream of global collaboration.

Life Science Expansion

Over the past decade, our translation company has worked with a diverse slate of clients and industries. The pandemic increased our clients’ need for high-quality localization and translation of life science, medical, and healthcare content. We followed global demand and found our niche.

Vaccine-related translations, clinical trial papers, and biotech content outpaced the need for medical device content, which had been our most commonly requested life sciences topic before the pandemic.

Organic Growth

2021 was a year of dynamic transformation and huge growth. Of course, our team isn’t driven by astronomic growth targets or revenue milestones – that’s exactly why Cecilia decided to start her own company in the first place. We focused on our core targets of quality, collaboration, and service.

Start with positive relationships; the reputation will follow.

One of our British clients suggested that we join ATC and take advantage of member benefits. This organic suggestion and local recommendation led to so many opportunities!

Continuing Recognition

After a year of extremely hard work and strategic growth, Cecilia felt ready to submit our agency for consideration and go for the prize. She had never entered a competition category like this before, but the timing felt right. ATC’s judges agreed.

Our 2021 award is only the beginning. Essence Translations was also recently recognized as ATC’s Member of the Month in February 2022, and our project manager Federico Bones was commended as ATC’s runner-up Project Manager of the Year.

The pandemic taught us that it’s hard to make predictions, but it also solidified the importance of high-value connections. As our agency continues to grow and expand our profile in the UK market, we’ll always stay true to our roots. We are a boutique vendor with an uncompromising commitment to quality.